‚Decolonizing Eastern Europe‘ is a working group that critically examines the discourses of the postcolonial and decolonial in relation to Eastern Europe in the broadest sense. We are dedicated to the self-perception that exists in Eastern European discourses on colonization and decolonization, as well as to the international academic discourses around the (Western) image and concept of Eastern Europe. There is a tension here that needs to be examined: on the one hand, there were no ‚real‘ colonies in Eastern Europe, and on the other hand, we find a growing desire to apply decolonial and postcolonial thinking to the post-socialist space. This, in turn, is characterized by some scholars as irrational. This is, according to the thesis of the working group, one of the most important conflicts of our present. The working group regularly organizes public seminars and lectures as well as occasional workshops. Our previous thematic publications can be found here.

Semester plan for the SoSe 23

Topic: Orientalism and Occidentalism – Postcolonial Basics


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